Publications & Presentations

The CureGN Data Coordinating Center is happy to provide assistance with proposals, including performing preliminary analyses, providing additional information on data and biosample availability, preliminary feasibility assessments, and more.

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Publications & Presentations

CureGN data are available to the broader glomerular disease research community for use in  manuscripts and abstracts. The CureGN Data Coordinating Center is happy to assist with proposals, including providing additional information on available data, performing preliminary analyses, and more.

Request access to Curegn transmart

tranSMART is a web-based platform that houses CureGN data for exploration and hypothesis building.

To Submit A Publication Proposal:

Please submit a completed Publication Proposal Form (Appendix A) to :

Prior to release of data, investigators will need proof of IRB approval exemption and a DUA agreement.

NIH Public Access Policy.

Investigators are required to ensure that any publication that uses CureGN resources to have a PubMed Central Reference Number (PMCID) assigned to it. The PMCID is a unique reference number that is distinct from the PMID number assigned in PubMed. Some journals will submit manuscripts on behalf of authors to be deposited in PubMed Central (see list here).

It is the responsibility of the lead author to submit published manuscript to the NIHMS system to obtain a PMCID if the journal does not submit manuscripts directly.  

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CureGN is supported by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) at the National Institutes for Health (NIH): UM1DK100845, UM1DK100846, UM1DK100876, UM1DK100866, and UM1DK100867.

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